/How to Pack for the Hospital. What to Bring for Labor and Delivery of Baby!

How to Pack for the Hospital. What to Bring for Labor and Delivery of Baby!

How to Pack for the Hospital. What to take to hospital. This is a MUST-SEE! Sure everyone brings going home outfits, but what about all of the other stuff? What will you do with all the documents they give you, and do you have a place for those extra diapers.

It's really quite an issue to know what to pack for hospital when you go into labor. I actually was not at home when my water broke. I hurried home and packed things. You won't really need much for baby because he/she will have diapers provided. I am at 35 weeks now and have already packed the bag. I haven't packed my make-up or anything but every night before I go to bed I pack everything that I use everyday just in case.

Here are the things others have suggested it would be good to take to the maternity hospital for labor and childbirth:

You'll be rocking some mesh panties. Wear and embrace the mesh panties. You can put on real underwear at home if you want.

I'd take to hospital for my labor and birth a Boppy or other nursing pillow. While not necessary, a Boppy or other nursing pillow can help when feeding the baby since hospital pillows are not as supportive. These are especially helpful for those with painful c-section incisions.

Take a Breast Pump to Hospital – Some Suggest

Another great idea is to take a Breast Pump, in case there is a need to express. The hospital should have these, but some women prefer certain brands and may prefer to use their own.

Don't Forget to Pack a Pillow to Hospital

Your hospital will provide you with pillows, but they might not be the right kind for you. If you have a favorite pillow at home, then you may want to bring it along as well.

Most women love to tweet and post on Facebook a picture of their child as soon as possible, but forget to take camera or video camera, and batteries. If you want to document any aspect of the labor and delivery, you'll want to have your camera or video recording device with fresh batteries to capture any special moments.

Make Sure to Pack Plenty of Fluids While in Hospital

This isn't a tip for what to pack for hospital but I want to say this anyway, because it is important. Drink plenty of water. This is necessary for a returning of normal bladder and bowel function. If you begin to develop changes in urination, pain, burning or frequency, report this to your doctor immediately.

In addition, after surgery you will not have as much space in your stomach for food and fluids (your stomach will be smaller) and you can end up dehydrated or malnourished if you don't eat and drink separately. This step is very important, especially early after recovery when you are still healing.

Take to hospital some body lotion or massage oil. Some moms-to-be find a little massage during labor relaxing. If this could be you, pop some lotion or oil in your hospital bag.

What Partners Can Take to Hospital for You

It's not just a case of what you pack for the hospital. Make sure your partner is also well stocked! I say to partners that although your hospital will have refreshments, it's a good idea to have what you need to hand. That way you won't need to leave your partner.

They can bring in spare glasses or spare contact lenses. It might be a long day, so having spares of these essentials could come in handy.

Take to Hospital for Newborns

Newborns can get cold easily so take some socks and booties just in case. Even during skin-to-skin contact, your newborn can wear a hat and socks.

Hospital policies can vary on what newborns can be dressed in so consult with your healthcare provider in advance about what to pack. You may need to add to what the hospital provides in terms of accessories and layers. Remember, with bodysuits it's a good idea to choose those that fasten up at the front.

Ideas on What to Take to Hospital for Those Still Working

If you need to work through your hospital stay, it's OK to bring your computer or a folder of papers to the hospital with you. Working at the hospital may also take your mind off of any health concerns you're experiencing.

Likewise, if you are a student and have work due soon, pack for the hospital a textbook or two with you, so you can stay on top of your homework deadlines. If you bring a charger for your computer, make sure to call ahead and ask the hospital if you'll need a special adapter for the hospital's power outlets.

Pills – Coals to Newcastle?

I brought my pre-natal vitamins and Colace. They'll give them to you at the hospital if you ask, but it was 100% easier just to do it myself.

Take to Hospital Plenty of Change and Some Entertainment!

Our hospital, at least, had a food station with pop, water, snacks, etc. I mean, don't make an effort to remove change from your purse or whatever, but don't go out of your way to bring it.

Oh! And, of course. Check your health plan coverage and pay any out of pocket expenses, including deductibles and co-payments, before you go to hospital for labor and delivery of your child. This will help to avoid requesting payment at the time of admission and the need for you to bring money or credit cards from home.

Books, magazines, tapes or CDs or mp3s and player (extra batteries) are all useful to pack for the hospital. You'll probably want some entertainment, but make it really undemanding. Anesthesia dulls the mind, as do the medications you'll be taking post-op. This is the time to read frothy stuff and listen to gently soothing music.

If You Have Special Dietary Needs During Your Hospital Stay…

State your needs clearly. If they are not met in a reasonable amount of time, ask for the charge nurse. The management tree from there is head nurse, then nursing director.

Don't Forget to Take Toiletries to Hospital

After a long labor, you might need to freshen up in the shower. Most hospitals are fine with this, but you can confirm this beforehand.

Cosmetics and Skin Care Products – Take a Basic Set of These to Hospital for a Maternity

If makeup is part of your usual routine, then don't forget to pack for the hospital, your cosmetics. Plus, make sure you pack for the hospital some moisturizer, as your skin may feel drier than usual.

Take a really nice body wash for after the birth to make you feel pampered, but remember to avoid fragrances, as the smell can overwhelm your baby. In the early days your baby needs to smell you to feel comforted.

Your lips can get chapped during labor. Having some lip balm on hand will help hydrate your lips.

Nightgowns for Your Hospital Bag While You Stay in Hospital

You'll need something comfortable to sleep in during your hospital stay, and a soft, loose nightgown is a good option. Choose a front-opening style if you plan to breastfeed.

Partner Should Consider Whether to Take His Swimwear to the Hospital

Yes! Swimwear for a Water Birth. If your partner is planning a water birth. You may not get in the pool with her, but it's good to have the option. Or, you may find yourself in the water with only your underpants to protect your modesty.

What Not to Take Into Hospital for Your Childbirth

Jewelry of any kind. You may want a watch afterwards, but get someone to bring it in for you after the surgery. Don't bring any personal adornments-they just get in the way and you won't want to bother.

Check at your pre-op appointment with anesthesia as to whether they will allow you to keep a wedding ring on. Some will, allow the ring taped, but others won't.

It's best to leave your ring in the keeping of your spouse than risk it being lost by someone whose job it really isn't to keep track of stuff like that.

Don't take to hospital your checkbook, credit cards, driver's license. Leave behind anything you won't be using. In fact, leave the whole wallet home: there is usually no security for your belongings. Bring a small amount of cash for vending machines, pay phone or snacks from the hospital coffee wagon. If you plan to make a large number of long distance calls, you may wish to bring a pre-paid phone card to cover them if you don't have a cell phone.

Pack Your Hospital's Handouts and any Reference Books to Your Labor

You might have received some handy notes from your prenatal classes or have some reference books about newborns. The doctors and nurses will be able to give you lots of personalized guidance, but you might find these resources more useful once you actually have your newborn in your arms.

Birth plan (if you have one). You might have discussed your birth plan with your medical team, but having a few copies printed and available for doctors and nurses means that everyone can refer to it in case last-minute questions arise.

Cell phone and iPad or Kindle Fire Even though you'll most likely be groggy and in and out of sleep, you will want to stay connected. Bring your cell phone so you can let your friends and family know that you are doing great. An iPad or a Kindle Fire is a great way to watch movies or surf the internet. Download a trashy novel or a good book from your favorite author.

You'll want slippers that are comfortable and easy to slip in and out of to wear as you walk around the hospital ward. Pack some flip-flops for using in the shower.

Socks or slippers with grips/treads are a good idea to pack for the hospital. While you're walking the halls during labor, you'll want to have sturdy slippers with treads or socks with grips so that you don't slip and fall.

Hair band, hair clip, or barrette. If you have longer hair, you'll want to keep your hair off of your neck and out of your face. You'll most likely be a bit warm and you won't want to be bothered with pushing your hair out of your face while also pushing out the baby.

Check that the information on your wristband is correct. If you have any drug allergies, you should be given an additional band with them written on it.

The hospital will provide blankets for swaddling your baby while you're there, but you may want to pack your own to tuck around your baby in the car seat for the ride home. Make it a heavy one if the weather's cold!

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