Finally, the much anticipated “What's In My Hospital Bag” video is here! I hope y'all love it and I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

My Hospital Bag For Labor

Today I'm going to be filming the long-anticipated what's in my hospital bag for labor video.

Now keep in mind I am a first-time mom so I'm definitely over packed now if you're interested in seeing a video from a second time mom. One who's been there done that.

There are tons of them on YouTube, but this is my first time I took advice from friends and family members.

I took advice from some of you guys who have left me comments about my hospital bag for labor, or sent me messages private messages which I always appreciate.

I have taken advice from multiple different lists that I found online most specifically from the bump comm.

I really liked their list a lot of this stuff has to do with what my doctor personally told me to bring in my hospital bag for labor.

From some of my favorite youtubers and I've just taken each of these things with a grain of salt and kind of compiled everything together and decided what I thought would be best for me and Scylla for our hospital stay.

I you watch pregnancy vlogs, you're going to notice that my hospital bag is the exact same one that Anna Saconne used for her baby and her hospital bag video.

That's because I loved her bag! I thought that it was the perfect size for a hospital birth bag.

I just loved everything about it and most of you guys have been my followers for a long time know that I really look up to her so I went ahead and bought that bag after watching her video.

I have three separate items that I'm going to be bringing with me in my hospital bag for labor:

  1. one is my hospital bag which is going to be as a big navy hole doll by pink linings
  2. a diaper bag which is going to have sky love stuff in it from pink linings as well and then, I wasn't going to do this, but my doctor told me that I needed to bring my
  3. breast pump and my breast pump comes in a tote all on its own.

So here are my three hospital birth bags, right here.

I emptied everything out so that I could show you guys how it's all laid out but since I have two little holders right here for diapers.

I went ahead and put some in there even though the hospital has diapers and I don't need diapers in my hospital bag for labor.

I put five newborn and five eight pound and eight pound and up diapers on the other side just because there's holders in here for them, and I just put it one head and put them in there just because.

So, inside Skylar's bag this is what I packed. Like I said I'm probably not gonna even go through half of this, but I just want to have it just to be prepared.

Now yes there's still tags on things. I haven't washed them yet. I am going to wash them before we go to the hospital. I know that everything in my hospital bag for labor needs to be chemical free because they a lot of times they add chemicals to it to keep them stiff. So they look pretty in the store, and you want to get that washed out.

So, I will be washing this stuff. So, you don't have to tell me in the comments that I need to wash this stuff.

It's the most comfortable thing for a newborn, so these are two white long-sleeved side snap shirts.

These pants match a pair of pants that I'm bringing to the hospital from baby be mine maternity, and I also have a white top to match that this is like a matching outfit that we're going to both have in the hospital.

This is her baby gown that's going to match mine, and it also comes with a little hat in here.

I haven't taken out of the bag yet. I'm not supposed to really bring pacifiers to the hospital, but I want her to have one little soft thing to hold if she wants to.

I don't know guys I'm not some first-time mom. So, um, it has a little pacifier on it but the doctor said I really shouldn't bring any pacifiers with me.

But, that's gonna be in my bag. This is her little hat because babies lose heat through their head. Everybody told me to pack a newborn hat.

This is just a little gown I brought I'm bringing three side snap or snide side zip newborn size onesies. They're full-length they have feet and hands. The reason I bring in so many is because I know that they have blowouts or they spit up on themselves.

So, it's nice to have enough. That's why I'm bringing two of these shirts as well, because it's nice to have something to be able to change them.

I'm bringing water wipes just in case. Even though they do have wipes at the hospital, so I don't technically need to bring them. But, they're just gonna be in the bag anyway.

I'm bringing this is a swaddle here from the Ollie World this is a receiving blanket from Babies R Us. This is a swaddle from it was a gift so I'm bringing three of those with me.

these are little mittens so that she doesn't scratch herself, probably won't even come out of the bag.

I'm bringing them two pairs of cute little baby socks her big blanket that I'm gonna put in the car seat and just to have like one big warm blanket for her.

If I feel like wrapping her up and then this is for her coming home from the hospital outfit.

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