/The Birth Story of a Baby Boy, Calihan. Gee I Did It!

The Birth Story of a Baby Boy, Calihan. Gee I Did It!

Our Birth Story with Cali

So, it's time to go, and at the very last second the doctor said: “Dad do you want to catch the baby?”

We're just your average family who is choosing to live a not so average life.

We decided to sell everything and leave our home for an adventure around the world. Now we are the bucket-list family. That's Garret , Jessica, Dorothy, Manila, and Cali.

Welcome to our family birth story adventure!

Where are we off to next? I'm a parent of three kids. I brag about you. I'm pretty proud. Pretty sexy 30 minutes.

How three kids were made. Flashback to the last like week, or the last weeks, and being okay.

Now if you've been pregnant you know pregnancy is rough the last month of pregnancy. Its no fun. It's hard. It's tiring.

You're uncomfortable. You're anxious. You're excited. You're like every emotion!

And, most of all you're just so so excited! We were really nervous this time around though. I don't know why I did it.

I dunno why I felt it. Like we had a really smooth delivery first and second child, and so we were just due for some drama.

A little superstar decided to meet you. Though buddy, you know, watch a night look you are saying nonsense.

Image of a cute baby to illustrate this birthing story

Do you like to let's see, you're not really OK.

Garrett hates anything that has to do with blood, guts, and bodily functions. But, I usually do well on delivery day.

I think coming to the play except for this time I was just so worried that something was gonna go wrong.

Side is just like already it was like 50%. About to faint. So, it's time to go and at the very last second the doctor says like: “Dad do you want to catch the baby”.

My immediate reaction was like. No! Um. No, no thank you!

And, then Jessica she just tends in, kind of late to the conversation, it's like a “Come on Kari” set up.

I know he said: “Do you want to catch the baby” and then even Jessica was saying like: “Okay”. Yeah!

I mean the nurses were so nice and supportive and they knew who we are in generic. Come on. It'll be a very bucket-list experience, and I'm just are desk-man, and a sucker for the peer-pressure.

I was like ready for him to put on the gloves. So, he gets all like suited up. I also thought it meant like I would catch the baby and give it to Jessica.

But, immediately once they get me all suited up, the doctor explains to me.

The way is like OK. So when you see the head, you're gonna grab the head.

You're gonna pull on it and then you're gonna dip down one shoulder. And, then up and then onto the Mom's lap.

And, I said you can see me in the video! Hey I'm sorry.

I just completely blacked out. Can you explain that again. OK.

The Most Magic Birthing Story Moment

Yeah and he came right out! They put him right on top of me, and I heard a little bit of a squeal from him.

Garrett didn't hear anything and when he came out he was purple.

Followed by the Most Anxious Birthing Moment of All

And I was just so quiet. The doctor even asked: “Are you all right”.

I was just praying and waiting. And, praying for anything like a cry to come out.

Oh! My gosh! But, the nurse is like “doing the scrub and scrub”, trying to get him to take his breath.

And, then came the most special moment. The moment the parents hear they're baby's first cry's.

A very special thank you, to all of the nurses and the doctors and the staff at American Fork Hospital.

At the end of the day, there's so many different ways to have a baby and to go about birthing day. But all you want. All you really want at the end of the day, is a healthy baby.

We're so grateful that Cali is healthy. You know something. No one's ever born for nothing. You're born to go somewhere that no one's ever gone. Cali your a bound to pay to go somewhere, that no one's I've been before.

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