/5 Month Pregnancy – What to Expect at 20 Weeks Pregnant

5 Month Pregnancy – What to Expect at 20 Weeks Pregnant

The “5 Month Pregnancy” is something of a watershed in most women's pregnancy. You will really begin to feel minute by minute that you are pregnant and that things are advancing. Read on to find out about baby's development at 5 months, and how we think you will be feeling. Plus, we describe the new things your baby will be doing.

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Your Baby's Development at 5 Months

In the second half of the fifth month the child weighs 280-300 g and has length 25 cm. White vernix caseosa – a peculiar fatty substance, is emitted because of active functioning of sebaceous glands. This lubricant serves as protection of the child against amniotic fluid and it later helps him to pass through patrimonial ways more easily. This lubricant also protects child’s skin from harmful effects of bacteria at the 5 month pregnancy stage.

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The skin becomes covered by fine down and is thickened. By that time the skin has a wrinkled red appearance. And the first feces, meconium is produced in the child's intestine.

The immune system of the future newborn is finally formed. The spleen purposefully develops lymphocytes and monocytes which will be protection of the organism later. In addition, muscular system and cerebellum have finished their formation and extremities have almost developed. And there are developing gustatory papillas and receptors on the tongue.

The child for the 5th month of pregnancy is already capable to feel a difference between sweet and salty.

Acoustical ossicles, which provide the child with the possibility to distinguish outer sounds, become stronger. Retina of the eye becomes more sensitive. There is more brain and the brain is more active. The vestibular apparatus is formed.

There are fundamentals of second teeth under beginnings of milk ones. The small heart palpitates at a rate of 130-150 beats per minute. It is already possible to listen to a heartbeat through mother’s abdomen wall by obstetric tubule, without resorting to use of an ultrasonic stethoscope. From this moment till twentieth week the child will begin to move from 4 to 8 times an hour.

He already manages to frown and to open eyes. Lungs develop and all endocrine systems begin to function, too. In the second half of month, the child will be able to make the first incidental stir by lungs. Kidneys work rather actively already. The most part of organs of endocrine system release hormones. Such organs are parathyroid gland, pancreas, adrenals, epiphysis and hypophysis, at the 5 month pregnancy point. via infobaby.org

How You Will Be Feeling at 20 Weeks or Month 5 of Your Pregnancy

Around the 20th week of pregnancy, you may feel a pulling or stabbing pain in your groin or a sharp cramp down your side, especially after making a sudden move or reaching for something. This pain results from stretching your round ligament, one of several ligaments that hold your uterus. The pain usually lasts several minutes before going away, but it's not harmful. It's a good idea, however, to discuss any continuous pain with your care provider.

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Because your urine flow remains slow, you remain at continued risk of developing a urinary tract infection. You are urinating more often than normal because of your pregnancy. But if increased urination is accompanied by a burning sensation, pain, fever or a backache, you may have a urinary tract infection. Contact your care provider.

The ligaments supporting your abdomen are becoming more elastic, and the joints between your pelvic bones continue to soften and loosen. In addition, your lower spine is probably now curving backward to help keep you from falling forward. Together, these changes may cause you to experience some back pain at the 5 month pregnancy stage.

Back pain can begin at any time during pregnancy, but it most commonly starts between the fifth and seventh months. You may find the pain to be a mere annoyance. However, if you had back problems before you became pregnant, the pain may be more severe and interfere with your daily activities.

The thin, white discharge is caused by the effects of hormones on the glands in your cervix and the skin of your vagina. It's normal in pregnancy and isn't cause for concern. Contact your care provider, though, if you have vaginal discharge that's greenish or yellowish, strong-smelling, or accompanied by redness, itching and irritation of the vulva. These are signs and symptoms of a vaginal infection.

You may continue to experience mild skin darkening on your face and around your nipples. Most of these changes are nothing to worry about. Changes in moles or new moles are the exception. If you have a new mole or a mole that has changed considerably in size or appearance, contact your care provider.

You'll probably gain about a pound a week this month, for a total of about 4 pounds. By the time you reach your 20th week, you may have gained about 10 pounds.

That means that, while I have every confidence in my clinical and professional ability, I can also tell you that I totally understand the insecurities, fears, hopes and immense joys that come with parenting. via formaternity.com

Average Baby Weight and Features at 5 months Into Pregnancy

At 21 weeks, your baby weighs about 360g (12.7oz) and is almost 26.7cm (10.5in) long, or about as long as an average carrot. She can hear your voice much more clearly now, and at some point this month she may even be able to make out your partner's voice, too. Talking, reading and singing to your baby is a great way to start bonding before she's even born. Your baby is starting to look much more like a newborn, although she still has lots of growing to do.

Her movements will be getting stronger, and you may find that she packs quite a punch! You may start to notice a pattern to her movements, as she goes through phases of sleeping and waking.

By 24 weeks, generally within the at the 5 month pregnancy period, your baby could weigh up to 600g (1.3lb) and be about 30cm (11.8in) long from crown to heel. Her lungs will have developed enough that, if you go into premature labor, she has a good chance of surviving with special medical care. Fortunately though, she's likely to stay put for a while yet. Note: Every baby develops differently. via www.babycentre.co.uk

How Your Body Will Be Changing at 5 Months

What happens with you when you are 5 months pregnant?

Colostrum production: Your breasts may start to produce a yellowish fluid called as colostrum in preparation for feeding and you may start to feel the baby moves during this month.

Pregnancy brain: Most women notice themselves as more forgetful than usual. No need to worry, it is a common side effect of pregnancy that results from hormone fluctuations. While during some instances this condition can be quoted frustrating.

Baby moves: When you are 5 months pregnant, you are more likely to experience your baby movements. Though you may not observe these movements, within a few weeks you will definitely feel your little one's moves.

Constipation: Though this pregnancy symptom is quite annoying, you may get relief by changing your diet and drinking more and more fluids. Include high fiber foods in your diet and consume fresh fruits and vegetables in at the 5 month pregnancy stage.

Varicose veins: The additional weight that you bear doesn't just distress your back, but also your veins. With the increased weight, you need to handle more and more blood flow, so it is common to experience varicose veins during pregnancy.

Skin changes: When you are 5 months pregnant, you may experience great skin changes. Some women may become even fairer during pregnancy, while some others become darker. All these changes are due to the hormonal disturbances. Also, hormone changes are the main reason to have darker nipples and areolas.

Also, breast veins become more prominent during this period. via www.pregnancyweekbyweekcalendar.com

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