/Funny Pregnancy Misspellings: The “Pregnat Man” to “Is Miley Cyrus Gregnat?” (Video)
Image points to some funny pregnancy misspellings in our video.

Funny Pregnancy Misspellings: The “Pregnat Man” to “Is Miley Cyrus Gregnat?” (Video)

Funny pregnancy misspellings!

Watch and listen to this video with its hilarious reading of MisspelledPregnant‘ queries:

Did you hear about:

The “Pregnat” Man?


Is Miley Cyrus “Gregnat”?


These funny misspellings and many more like them are appearing all the time!

“Am I pregnant?” can appear as any of the following:

Am I “par gynt”?

Am I “pregnat”?

Am I “peg nate”?

These are just a few of the misspellings recited in the video above. It does seem that pregnancy questions are particularly prone to being misspelled. But, the video goes on to show social media posts which get even sillier!

Help, is there a possibly that I'm “peg rent”?

Am i “pregnat” or am i okay

Could I be “pergrent”?

How do I know if I'm “pren gann”?

Can I be “pegant”?

Can you get “egg hunt” when who bleed?

While you are “pergurt” can you go down a 20-foot waterslide?

How can I get my GF “gregnat”?

These funny misspellings get even more convoluted in:

What happened when get “purgin at”?

Will guy get “pregnat”?

What is the best time to sex to become “pergrent”?

Girlfriend ain't had period since she got “pre get”?

If a woman has starch masks on her body does that mean she has been “pergrat” before?

and so it goes on!

Lots of people say that the second he says “pregananant” they totally lose-it and just can’t breathe anymore!

Enjoy our video!

More About Funny Misspellings in General

Image points to some funny pregnancy misspellings in our video.We're all guilty of making spelling mistakes and punctuation errors! A missed out letter or lost vowel is bound to take place at times for the best of us.

Many people depend on their spell-check greater than they want to admit. Yet even spell-checkers cannot protect you from every punctuation mistake, fluff and typo.

What occurs, for instance, when you create the word “pubic” rather than “public”? They're both genuine words, so it's common for spell-check to miss this mistake.

Or worse, what takes place when you misspell a word so terribly that even spell-check doesn't have any kind of pointer to give?

Sometimes, those mistakes are such boo-boos that they are very funny!

Punctuation Mistakes

Those punctuation mistakes can be equally as humorous. Everyone makes blunders from time to time and also they generally go unnoticed or missed until published.

For these people, nonetheless, it's all too late as their mistakes, can go viral in minutes! If a funny misspelling has actually already been forever commemorated on, and shared, you may be defeated from correcting it, by the power of the web!

Silly Spelling

The globe is full of stupid spelling. Spelling checkers stop working all the time as well. When they do, it does not look like there's much to do about them apart from laugh it off.

You can not make adults go back to elementary school, and also honestly it's not that you'd want them to. But, when writing it is just so easy to commit a funny misspelling! Easy to make a mistake. Before, you know it you can get many unintended ridiculous funny utterances from it.

Live with it! enjoy it as much as your readers will. We all do it from time to time. Everyone understands.

Awkward Spellers

There are a great deal of awkward spellers out there, as well.

We get it, words can be difficult. Many long technical words are annoyingly hard to spell. Plus, if you have actually only listened to figures of speech, without reading them, you're bound to screw up every once in a while.

Hey, we're all human, and also in spite of our best efforts, often meaningless errors do occur. It's a product of a mere moment, but it is done! Your ordinary typo or misspelling does not usually add up to a much.

But, occasionally when you consider Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networks, those errors can come back to bite you! Just take it in good heart, and be happy that you brought some joy into the world.

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