/How Use a Pregnancy Test

How Use a Pregnancy Test

So, you want to know how use a pregnancy test? If your period is late, we wouldn't mind betting one thing. It's that very soon you'll want to know how to use a pregnancy test.

The question of whether or not you are pregnant can often be one of the most exciting, anxious, and stressful queries.

And, that's not surprising as a positive result will inevitably affect your life, in a way nothing else can.

There are different types of pregnancy tests on the market or available through your primary health care provider.

Typically, the actual steps for using a pregnancy test are quite easy. And, can be performed in the comfort of your own home.

However, the results of a home pregnancy test should always be confirmed with a blood test. That must be performed by your primary health care provider.

How a Pregnancy Test Works

By far, the most commonly used method of pregnancy test is those that use urine to detect the hormone associated with pregnancy.

This hormone is triggered when an embryo implants in the uterine wall. But, it can also be produced if an embryo mistakenly implants in the Fallopian tubes. This is known as an ectopic tubal pregnancy.

The Types of Pregnancy Tests

There are two different types of pregnancy tests.

The first type can produce more accurate results, but may prove to be too messy.

A cup is provided to catch urine, after which the urine is collected and a special stick. Alternatively, some other device is inserted in the urine.

Sometimes, the stick or device is dipped directly into the urine filled cup for a certain amount of time.

At other times, a small eye dropper is provided to perform a more accurate version of the same test.

Image illustrates how a pregnancy test works showing a woman doing one while sitting on a bed.

Although this method of urine testing may be more accurate, the devices meant to collect urine in mid-stream are the most popular.

These sticks are usually found over the counter in your local drug store or grocery store. They can be completed within seconds.

Instead of a more scientific project, this type of urine based pregnancy test is preferred by women. No doubt that's because simplicity of the lack of steps.

General Method of Testing

Simply hold the stick in a stream of urine for a specific amount of time, usually just a few seconds, and then wait for the results.

As opposed to sticks that are more difficult to read, there are a companies selling models that have a digital read-out display.

Also, there are models available that allow you to determine whether or not you are pregnant much sooner than traditional home based tests.

For a more accurate test that can detect whether or not you are pregnant before a urine based test.

This test must be performed in your physician’s office and will require a few vials of blood drawn. After the blood is drawn, tests are performed to detect the presence and the amount of the hormone associated with pregnancy.

Keep in mind that you should always have a blood test performed professionally. It's a must to have that done after you have received a positive reading from a home pregnancy urine-based test.

More Information about Pregnancy Testing

When should you try pregnancy testing? What are the most accurate pregnancy testing methods?

There are a few things you can do to ensure you get the most accurate readings from pregnancy testing to find out if you are pregnant.

Pregnancy testing is a test done to see if you are, in fact, pregnant.

Image shows a woman considering How Use a Pregnancy Test.The first is to go to your local grocery store, or even the dollar store, and buy a home pregnancy testing kit.

It is performed the same way as a home pregnancy testing kit, and can detect the pregnancy hormone slightly better than the home pregnancy testing kit.

Depending on which method you use, you can do pregnancy testing from one week to one month after conception.

If going to the doctor for a urine test, it may be better to wait a week or two to ensure a more accurate reading of the pregnancy testing.

Should you use an at-home kit, pregnancy testing can be done as early as 10 days before your scheduled period.

When using an at-home pregnancy testing kit, be sure to test yourself when you first wake up in the morning.

Because home pregnancy testing has become more accurate, this seems a most popular choice among women.

Home pregnancy testing that results in a positive test (meaning that you are pregnant), is 100 percent accurate.

If you have done the home pregnancy testing and you still have all of the other symptoms of being pregnant, make sure you see your healthcare provider to perform a blood test.

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