/What to Pack for Your Hospital Stay

What to Pack for Your Hospital Stay

Mary Ann talks about what you should, and should not, bring to in your hospital birth bag with you when the time comes to have your baby.

What to Pack in your Hospital Birth Bag

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Today I'll be reviewing a few important items to bring with you in your hospital birth bag when it's time to come to the hospital.

Missed importantly we need you to remember to always carry with you a photo i.d, and your insurance card.

Image shows what to include in a hospital birth bag.It is very important for us to do that to register you in our system each time that you arrive and check in whether it's for false labor or the real deal.

Another recommendation is to bring your prenatal records with you or to have a copy of the records on hand.

You can always check with your physicians office to make sure that they have been sent to your Embassy hospitals women's center if that's where you plan to deliver.

Another big point is if you plan on doing any traveling especially later in your pregnancy, always keep a copy of your medical records with you, because you may end up having to go to the hospital at a facility that is not familiar with you.

And that way they have your history on hand.

Now let's talk about what to bring in your hospital birth bag.

The hospital does provide a lot of items for you.

They provide hospital gowns, and mesh underwear that are disposable.

We give you pads and supplies like that slippers and socks but you are certainly welcome to bring your own items from home .

Remember though because you are pregnant and even after delivering your baby, bring only loose comfortable clothes in your hospital birth bag. And, fabrics that breathe are the most comfortable things to wear .

It does get chilly in the hospital, so bringing a bathrobe or a sweatshirt that loose and open in your hospital birth bag is always a good idea and you're more than welcome to bring your own socks and slippers from home.

Other important things to remember are to bring your camera for after a baby arrives and be sure to have extra batteries or a charger on hand .

Also don't forget cellphone charger and self in because you know that you will be making a lot of phone calls to family members .

It also does not hurt to have prepared a phone list in advance so that you make sure that during the announcement of baby's arrival that you don't miss anybody.

Now the labor process can take some time so bring some reading material a book and you can, also bring music to listen to anything that helps you relax .

And I know a lot of women prefer their own pillow, especially the larger body pillars that are comfortable while you're pregnant.

Those are all great items to bring anything that makes you comfortable and helps you to relax.

You can also pack your own toiletries.

The hospital does have your general soap and shampoo, but if there's anything special that you prefer it's a good idea to pack that in your hospital birth bag as well.

You can also bring snacks because after you have your baby you've done a lot of work and tend to get very hungry and the hospital food hours can vary from facility to facility. But, you always want to check with your nurse to make sure of what you what you're allowed to eat. Some women are on dietary restrictions even even after having their baby.

Now while we're on the subject of baby there are important things to remember to bring to the hospital and have ready when your baby's here.

Before you come to have your baby ensure that your car seat is installed properly there's always an instruction manual that comes with the car seat.

But if you are not sure if it's installed correctly any local fire department will check that for you .

I also have a pediatrician picked out prior to your arrival.

Because once baby arrives and you start your discharge planning with the in house nursery nurses and pediatricians you'll be required to make a follow up appointment the day after the baby's discharged from the hospital.

Already knowing what pediatrician office you'll be using makes this process less stressful.

Also, in the hospital we do offer pictures to be taken of your baby.

So you may also want to consider packing in your bag a picture outfit and also going home outfit .

Some parents like to have something special tucked away .

What Not to Pack in your Hospital Birth Bag

There are some items that I would like you all to remember that we discourage you from bringing to the hospital.

We definitely would like you to refrain from bringing any of your jewelry here for any of our procedures.

Whether you're having a vaginal delivery or cesarean section all jewelry must be removed.

This even means your wedding band.

Other items that we discourage you from bringing would be any large sums of money or checks in your purse or wallet.

Leave the following items.

They can stay home or locked in your car safely .

Items for a baby that can stay at home are diapers and the pack diaper back.

The hospital provides you with diapers.

It also the hospital will while you're here only provide you with tee-shirts and the hail asleep back.

And I want you to all remember that we will certainly make sure that you're comfortable during your stay .

The rooms are not very large and can seem cluttered if you packed too much.

We hope that this helps you know what to put in your hospital birth bag, during preparation for baby's arrival and coming to the hospital .

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